The Email Destination allows you send an email to yourself — the email address tied to the account you signed up with — at any step of a workflow. You can also email any collaborators on your workflow.

You can use this to email yourself when you receive a specific event, for example when a user signs up on your app. You can send yourself an email when a cron job finishes running, or when a job fails. Anywhere you need an email notification, you can use the Email Destination!

Adding an Email Destination

Adding an Email Action

First, add a new Action, then select the Send Yourself an Email Action. You can modify the Subject and the message (either Plain Text or HTML) however you want.

Using $

You can send data to an Email Destination in Node.js code steps, too, using the $ function. This allows you to send emails to yourself programmatically, if you need more control than Actions afford.

$ takes the same parameters as the corresponding Action:

  subject: "Your subject",
  text: "Plain text email body",
  html: "HTML email body"
  include_collaborators: false,

The html property is optional. If you include both the text and html properties, email clients that support HTML will prefer that over the plaintext version.

Like with any $send function, you can use $ conditionally, within a loop, or anywhere you'd use a function normally in Node.js.

Emailing workflow collaborators

The include_collaborators flag defaults to false. When set to true, $ will email any collaborators you've added to your workflow.

Delivery details

All emails come from

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