# What are events?

Events trigger workflow executions. The event that triggers your workflow depends on the trigger you select for your workflow:

# Event format

When you send an event to your workflow, we take the trigger data — for example, the HTTP payload, headers, etc. — and add our own Pipedream metadata to it.

For all trigger types, this data is exposed as a JavaScript object you can reference in the rest of your workflow, using either of two variables:

  • event
  • steps.trigger.event

When you click on an event in the Inspector, we show you the contents of steps.trigger.event directly under your trigger step.

You can reference your event data in any code or action step. See those docs or the general docs on passing data between steps for more information.

The specific shape of event varies with the trigger type:


Property Description
body A string or object representation of the HTTP payload
client_ip IP address of the client that made the request
headers HTTP headers, represented as an object
inferred_body_type For example, JSON
method HTTP method
url Request host + path

# Cron Scheduler

Property Description
timer_config String representation of the schedule
timestamp The epoch timestamp when the workflow ran

# Email

We use Amazon SES to receive emails for the email trigger. You can find the shape of the event in the SES docs.

# raw_event

In addition to the formatted object we expose in event, you have access to the raw, protocol-specific data from the event, as well.

You can access this data in steps.trigger.raw_event. The contents also vary with the trigger type:

  • HTTP : scheme, URI, and base64-encoded raw payload.
  • Cron Scheduler : same as event.
  • Email : same as event.

# Event observability

Pipedream provides observability for the event that triggered your workflow, including into the trigger event and step-level workflow execution. Just select an event from the inspector to view its contents.

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